Mission School – Feb 2021

The Biblical teaching and training of the South Pacific & Australian Ministry Training Academy offers several sessions
across a three year program to help “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).


We will have a local venue set up in Sydney for those to attend locally or anyone else who might be free to travel.  There will also be a virtual stream for those tuning in from abroad. Link to be posted shortly


Fri Feb 05 

West Ryde Community Hall

11:00 Old Testament, Introducing OT – Drane, chps 1-3  Mike Fontenot

12:30 lunch

1:30   Church History – Church Breaks Out – Sam Cameron

3:00  Church History – Monastic Movement/Council of Nicea

4:30  OT,  Drane, chps 4-5 Pentateuch – Sam Cameron

6:00  Dinner


Sat Feb 06 

West Ryde Community Hall  

11:00 Old Testament, Drane, chps 6-8  Writings/Prophets  Mike Fontenot

12:30  lunch

2:00  Old Testament, How to Teach Old Testament, worksheets – Jonah, Mike and Sam

4:00  Church History – Divisions East/West, Charlemagne – Sam Cameron

6:00 Dinner

Sun Feb 07 

Victoria Avenue Public School

1:00   Women in the Old Testament – Tess Fontenot

2:00  Women in Church History up until the Reformation – Michelle Cameron


Core Courses